Wedding packages

I am willing to subject packages

I am willing to subject packages 

I am willing to 16800 theme package price    price 22800 Yuan
  Design of the main stage area
  1, sex theme veils (double-mantle design pure color yarn)
  Stage 2, large flower arrangements (personalized floral design, flowers imported pink roses + balloon + some white roses adorn)
  Stage 3, white carpet or carpet powder 18 square
  4, thematic flower decoration Crystal candle holder set
  5, ritual fluorescent Champagne (containing fluorescent liquid)
  6, themes, champagne and a row of flowers decorate mantle + yarn + string of lights features
  7, theme character cake sets a row of flowers decorate mantle + yarn + string of lights features
  Theme approach area design
  2, road 8 (imported pink roses + balloon + some white roses adorn)
  Personality theme 3, ceremony flowers Pavilion (veils + floral design)
  Theme 4, half an arch arch set (imported pink roses + balloon + some white roses adorn)
  5, exquisite small candlesticks the table 20
  7, enter the petals 2
  8, main personality back yarn flowers decorate the table
  Welcome sign in design
  1, Yingbin background theme (floral design +LED lighting arrangement)
  2, themes, reception table arrangement (l-shaped flowers and floating candles + lighting + design)
  Theme 3, scroll of 1.6 m sign a and professionals sign in
  4, welcome card (floral design + production and yarn)
  Stage lighting
  1, 1200W follow light 2
  Roller bubble machine 2, ceremony a set of
  3, PS light set
  4, Deluxe stage lights a
  5, colorful lighting 4
  6, 3000 lumens projector set
  Four heavenly guardians, and staff
  1, professional full MC one (style: health, presided over a lively atmosphere and elegant, the image of the Sun)
  2, professional makeup throughout the day, with the makeup, (bridal trial makeup before the wedding, until satisfied brides wedding makeup, Bridal makeup throughout the day, bridesmaids, mothers makeup)
  3, professional HD camera one (wedding day services throughout the day to the end of the wedding, professional camera HD post-production)
  HD 4, professional photographer (porn 400-500, finishing 50, into the dish)
  5, professional supervision of a responsible for wedding hotels supervision)
  6, theme wedding day planning book, ritual processes a, wedding planning books written for one (flow, timing, procedures, the details are arrange and plan), insider tips, guest speeches, etc.

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