Wedding packages

The knot set

The knot set 

2012 romantic flowers the knot packages | (Full service price discount 2180) original price 3180 (including a, b, c, d)

1, provides wedding car decoration (6) v;  2, under a plate decorated with fresh flowers;
3, car-following flowers 4;                        4, exquisite bride's bouquet a;
5, 1 capitatum, boutonniere, 12 wrist flower 1;
Site layout
1, providing standard wedding site style yarn to him a group artificial flower WeddLng brand:
Stage 2, simulation flower column 2;
3, three arches of flowers; lilies and hearts, Connecticut;
4, shadow 6 lily flowers road and Connecticut;
Main table 5, flowers 1;
6, reception table flowers 1;
7, greeting cards, posters of flowers devices;
8, wine and flowers decoration;
C, on-site props
1, color chasing light 1200W. Add Gaffer;
2, flower decorated, Crystal candelabra; booster flowers;
3, imported two-wheel remote control, bubble gun, one Taiwan;
4, new fluorescent champagne tower one, [English] (2 bottles containing fluorescent fluid);
5, the day of festive Fireworks 8;
6, beautiful angel wings;
7, ring pillows;

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