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United States New York City there is a "single Street". On both sides of the street stalls for hawking a variety of commodities, to the customer is limited to single men and women. They were crowded together on the surface is the selection of goods, eyes actually look at each other, looking for love. There is also a large number of associated with single speeches such as "single money management", "encounter between Italy and people do" and so on. Entering the street, needed to pay the $ 20 on a blind date.
United Kingdom has a strange love insurance-insurance. Operation of the types of insurance companies, business is booming. Married couples can buy love insurance, each couple only pay € 5 per month premium. This proposal, if not grow old and noisy to the point of divorce, abandoned the party can get € 5000 of insurance compensation if couples could get up to 25 years old, you can get 9000 euros bonus if couples had one death during the insurance period, the other party can get a pension of 1000 euros from them.
Germany has a "love hotel", specifically for the accommodation of unmarried men and women to shop fix marriage. By: unmarried guests-sex floors accommodation, women living on the second floor, men lived on the third floor, guests in elegant, filled with flowers, romantic music haunted bar, next to the recreation room, swimming pool and other places of contact with the opposite sex, to bond.
"Bride Street" is Brazil Sao Paulo a specializes in bridal gowns, Bridal supplies Mall. Close to a shop in the street covered with a wide variety of bridal gowns, in the window "bride" dress is charming. The whole street is full of wedding celebrations. "Bride Street" 's nickname comes.
In accordance with Brazil's tradition, May is the season of weddings each year, it is the "bride of months," said. In that time, buy bridal gown the bride and groom flocked to "bride Street" was even more crowded. Many local people and tourists also like at this time to watch on this street, a glimpse of the beauty of the bride.
O herreid, the ancient capital city of Yugoslavia, there is a stone-paved streets. One evening, lovestruck young men and women alike come here to meet and talk to each other, the streets full of tenderness, is worthy of the name "love Street".
United States a famous entrepreneur in a Florida coral reefs Harbour, built a unique undersea Lodge has become a good place for newlyweds on their honeymoon. The named "Jules Verne" Harbour Hotel, shaped like a giant open-air car camp, 18 meters long, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, TV, multi-functional radios and computers and other modern facilities.
The newlyweds in the hotel must have good diving skills, because they want to wear bathing suits, breathing apparatus in the back water, dived into the water the Chinese side to enter the Harbour Hotel. Although the hotel costs expensive, but there are still many married couples are encouraged to register, a glimpse of the beautiful underwater scenery.
In Italy, Agrigento, has one of the world's unique "love clinic". Near Lao Yan to flying reconciliation, can come here for 3 days after a course of intensive treatment. Some couples shitongmolu, after the love experts, psychologists and psychiatrists after the advice of and renewal front, happily embark on a new journey of love.
United Kingdom Birmingham a divorce ceremony was held for the "divorce Palace" was recently completed. If the couple agree to divorce, in addition to court annulment procedures, where can you take a simple divorce ceremony, ceremony, splitting up the couple to wish each other happy life in the future. Palace says building palaces was intended to help couples splitting up eliminating the nervous condition in court, making them farewell with a smile. BACK PAGE