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"Art of life"-"interview with wedding" is an alternative

Married couple in recognition of 9 days "$literal" new people yesterday in the provincial capital with a special wedding with family and friends share their love tour
Talk about "art of life" celebrities such as talk shows, surely many of us are no strangers can be also done wedding talk show do you see? 16th, only know got married 9 days for a pair of "$literal" new Sun Liping and Zhang Qi, it held a special wedding, new interviews and share with friends their 9-day journey.
Human "art of life" for a special "interview-style" opening
With normal wedding different, the bride and groom's music is no longer the wedding upon admission, and replacing them with preludes of the news broadcast. New people are no longer stand passively waiting for the arrangement, but sitting on the sofa to already prepared, the object as an interviewee, began a special interview-style wedding.
Opposite the couple also has a special calendar which days from November 1, 2007 to November 9. And this is nine days they met fell in love with the married life.
From the met on a dating site, meet for the first time in a coffee shop, and then got married to civil authorities to the 9th day in MC, Xu Xin's interview, the couple's account, in the presence of friends and family and share the romance of two for nine days.
First heard "Flash marriage" close and family members on both sides say, suddenly heard that heart really thumped
Tells the romantic and quaint Flash tour, guests more than 90% do not know. When MC up one by one calendar, the bride and groom say 9 days of two Flash experiences, friends and family on their faces are full of feelings of dismay, including newcomers, both parents.
Family members on both sides say, previously only knew two children don't know a long time, didn't think of just 9 days. Suddenly heard just now, and feel really thumped. But seeing two people so happy now, and my heart is steadfast.
Groom Zhang Qi's eldest brother is also not to say, though the way to Flash a bit worried, but he also believed destined to be happy.
Less noisy and more sweet friends this way really well
From 11:30 to 12:30, although the new special interview lasted for about 1 hour, but guests are still listened. Old time wedding of less noisy, more shared warm.
"This form of marriage really is good for reference, go back and I will recommend it to friends. "A friend of the groom not to praise. Bride's colleague Guan Xiaoxia is deep feeling. She said heard only two before the wedding the couple knew not long married, but never thought the whole process was so romantic. This wedding really special makes her jealous.

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