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Inventory proposal process has been the exposure of 8 stars

Every married person, propose to go through this process. How to impress loved her, so she readily agreed to marry her, is not only a physical, but also a technical. Recently, the TSE exposure at that time proposed marriage to Cecilia Cheung photos, extremely warm. 5 years ago, Nicholas TSE and Cecilia Cheung proposed, this romantic moment photo suddenly open, from these photos, we can also feel the Nicholas TSE and Cecilia Cheung proposed extraordinary arrangements and share new ideas. Now let us go and see the entertainment industry 8 stars proposal process to see if any more sensational, more romantic and more innovative?
1, Nicholas TSE and Cecilia Cheung
In 2005, Nicholas proposed marriage to Cecilia Cheung, careful preparation for two months at that time, even the parents kept only 10 good friends and they take a Charter flight to Pamalican Palawan island of the Philippines, after the arrival of the results is this a beautiful marriage and wedding scenes. Nicholas TSE and Cecilia Cheung in Sunset Beach walk, kneel he proposed marriage to Cecilia, his wedding ring in hand waiting for Cecilia's answer, after 8 seconds, she finally said, "I'd like to. "Tse said, was afraid of Cecilia Cheung will refuse, finally, after Cecilia promised, two people are happy to tears. Beach has Fireworks and several friends salute the witness immediately. Recently, they managed to open the year of marriage photos, wedding photos.
2, Jordan CHAN/Ying CAI ER
Remember Jordan CHAN to marry him, Ying CAI er call is not romantic! But variety is almost a classic rogue's marriage proposal, or to surrender the Ying CAI er, Ying Caier the day cried, it is understood that marriage is Ying CAI er birthday the same day, variety show 30 brothers and all of a sudden rush came in. Rushed up to her, not saying anything, plump knees, knelt down without saying anything, holding the ring and began to cry, makes you cry Ying CAI er, Ying CAI er admitted afterwards, and variety in love over the last 3 years, never cry on nose, surprisingly was his cry for the first time, turned out to be in such a way.
3, s/Xu Yajun
In the small s announcing the good news of the day, suddenly got a call from big s, wants her to hurry home, is a very bad thing to happen, to get back! Small s on the edge to the House, I saw doing qi DV hits, and
Small s have guests at home when Xu Yajun proposed holding a large bouquet of roses to kneel, also presented a shiny big 5-carat diamond ring, kneel to propose small s on the spot, and published a sensational confession, finally moved to tears
After small s know big s in control throughout the process, all of these are in accordance with the big s wrote the play, was calculated by sweet.
4, Tong Dawei/Yue Guan
Tong was is in led marriage certificate of day night only to bride child seeking of married, in this zhiqian he even are no had this idea, cramming of he, certainly is what things are no prepared has, he asked guanyue, I tomorrow on to registration has, is have first seeking a married Ah, so guanyue sat in sofa Shang, Tong was single leg kneeling to, said has a sentence: you willing to married I did? Is indeed a very romantic, but marry for better living, as long as the good life, romance is not romance and who would care about it? This proposal should be regarded as the most energy-efficient.
5, Liu Jianhao/Kelly
Two people fell in love with 16 years, feeling quite deep, mentions the proposal process, Kelly said: "when I had just woken up, hung up the phone and didn't know he was abroad. Suddenly the door he saw the person in the door, I thought I was dreaming, and then he got down on one knee, I'll happily cried. "When Kelly admits he accepted to marry him grinning even forgot to listen to the other commitments, and has repeatedly said this is the first time Liu Jianhao marriage, it seems such a proposal process that Kelly will never forget.
6, Ding Zigao/Miriam
Said the proposal process, Miriam remains to be moved. Interview with Miriam my classmates recalled the proposal process: this year my birthday went to Korea to play, he held a surprise party, and knelt down and asked me to marry him.
When touched, it turns out he is crying so much, that moment wanted to get married, but not this year. Until his July birthday, thinking on the trip. Do visit before said "If God give me 60 years of life, after over 30 years of age feel to the countdown. "I don't think he remembered these words! When we go to L.A. When he said that if want to do 30 countdown, should I treasure: "I'll let you go! "I heard a sound move! (Miriam jealous red) immediately drive to register, didn't mean to deceive everyone, marriage certificates have been received to date.
7, Tony Leung and Carina LAU
July 2008 Carina LAU finally with 20 years of dating married Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, India honeymoon after Carina friend Wang Feiqing nonstop to Beijing. But her recent interview hosted by Sandra Ng commercial radio show, about getting along with Tony and revealed Tony had repeatedly proposed in the past. According to Hong Kong media reports, the same day, throughout the visit were a breeze, Carina, asked Tony how to marry on the day? Carina said: "actually Tony love to marry him. "But as when Shi Jialing was not ready, so ambiguities have always been married, until after the accident, Tony with her to marry him again, Carina:" he told me ' we got married, we are no longer doing that, get out of here. ' "However, when Shi Jialing should face the reality, so I decided to stay.
8, Craig David/Tony
Fish LEONG birthday Eve this year, Tony on the proposed diamond ring worth 170,000 yuan, Tien readily nodded. Looking back on that moment, LEONG a sweet face, "he was very sincere and ask me, ' you want in each of the next day let me take care of you? Whatever the difficulties, we are together! ' "Said, Tony pulled out a ring, kneeling to propose," I responded by laughing and crying and said, ' let me think about it ', but the result is, of course, agreed and decided to get married next year. BACK PAGE