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Prince William wedding schedule announced Royal invitation letter issued 1900

From 16th to 17th, United Kingdom in the name of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace continue to send invitations to guests at home and abroad.
Agence France-Presse described invitations are white, gilt printed with Queen Elizabeth's full name abbreviation "EIIR" gold die-cast seal, placed within the yellow envelope.
Invitation text writes: "from the Queen's life, Constable invited the attendance of his Excellency Prince weiershiweilian and Miss Kate Middleton's wedding. Wedding will be held April 29, at 11 o'clock in the morning at the Cathedral of Westminster. Constable's Office received this invitation please return to Buckingham Palace. "
Right corner write the invitations of guest's dress, that is needed in "uniform, dress or suit". In addition, according to the tradition, attending United Kingdom Royal active woman should wear a hat.
Prince William and Kate Middleton 8 years, last October got engaged.
On February 16, the Buckingham Palace staff prepared to distribute invitations.
Relatives accounted for most of
Buckingham Palace did not disclose the guest list details. To meet Prince William as a United Kingdom capacity as second in line to the throne heir, many invitees as "heavyweight" figures, such as members of the Royal family, heads of State, religious figures, diplomats, etc.
About 50 United Kingdom 40 foreign members of the Royal family and members of the Royal family were invited. In addition, from Commonwealth countries, some 200 Government, parliamentary officials and 30 United Kingdom military personnel will also be attending the wedding.
United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation United Kingdom soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria are also on the list of invitees.
The daily mail said, many Middle East countries will be members of the Royal family to the wedding, Jordan King, U.A.E. Princes, Oman, Bahrain Kings and the King of Saudi Arabia, in addition the Sultan of Brunei, Japan's Emperor, the King of Tonga and Thailand invited the King; United States President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will not attend the wedding, they will be in May to the United Kingdom on a State visit.
Agence France-Presse, ridicule, said Middleton, Prince William engagement, married into the Royal family was "timid"; now wedding guests "heavyweight" identity sufficient to meet her this "expectations".
Relatives and friends over more than 1000 guests for both couples. Media have speculated that many of them from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. William met Middleton when the Prince was studying at the University.
Another 80 assembled guests charity created from Prince William.
In addition, some ordinary citizens in contact with Prince William has been invited to witness a royal wedding, as some of the homeless, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
Into the night
Under the United Kingdom broadcasting company announced the details of the wedding, Prince William and Middleton on the Westminster Church, red carpet, their family members will sit together in the front row of the Church.
Members of the Royal family including Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, and Prince William's father, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince Harry; her family include Middleton's parents Michael and Carole, sister Pippa and brother James.
After the wedding, Queen Elizabeth will host lunch reception at Buckingham Palace, attended by 600 guests invited to. Afternoon, Prince Charles will host the party.
As for the dinner atmosphere is more "intimate", only about 300 people "left behind", the couple's close friends and family-oriented guests.
The 14th of this month, United Kingdom Royal family announce wedding best man and Maid of honor from Prince William's younger brother Prince Harry and the bride's younger sister, Pippa, served as. After the news that Prince William and Kate decide to change the new tradition of charging guests present, and instead let the guests to donate to charity. BACK PAGE