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Perfect bride's maiden white 4-step

White, brides of unyielding pursuit of goals. Skin Whitening demand an entirely different. Know your skin and prescribe, can get lost in whitening products achieve maximum results
1, yellowed and dry – all whitening
Strategy: rapidly applied skin care products after washing. Not immediately after washing your face skin care products, skin will be dry. Slightly damp skin, more conducive to the absorption of the product.
Strategy two: eat white food, enhance the whitening power. Usually eat a lot of foods that contain vitamin c, can help restore melanin, try to avoid spicy food.
Strategy three: white at the same time, don't forget moisturizer. Do Whitening mask enough, whitening and moisturizing products are most suitable for use with moderate and does not irritate.
2, pale, colourless-the cycle is the key
Strategy one: Sun calm is very important. Apply the whitening product must be applied before repair after Sun products, skin recovery after using whitening products can irritate the skin.
Strategy two: choose your skin whitening products. Maintenance procedures are different for different skin types, certain products of ingredients for sensitive skin should be used with caution.
Strategy three: whitening Exfoliating regularly helps. Exfoliating reduced aggregate in epidermal melanin from draining away, while the absorption of nutrients.
3, spotted crawling endocrine
Measures: thorough cleansing is the first step in whitening. Residual make-up after the Sun will produce chemical reactions, prone to spots.
Strategy two: know exactly what whitening ingredient. Is used to scrub the acid product is best used at night to avoid caused by UV stimulation during the day.
Strategy three: focus of the uniform color is white. Causes a lot of spots, through the use of skin whitening products to eliminate stubborn spots impractical, so tone is important.
Rough bronze muscle – 4, pay attention to Sun and maintenance
Strategy one: black girls need whitening. Whitening products do not know white girls. Whitening products can make the skin look more BRILLIANT.
Strategy two: note the whitening light sensitive. Some are light sensitive products are not suitable for use during the day.
Strategy three: ultraviolet radiation accelerates skin aging. Sun is a day's work. Ultraviolet rays can not only make your skin turn black, is also the main cause of accelerating skin aging. BACK PAGE