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Sweet wedding how to choose adorable flower girl

The perfect dream wedding, beautiful wedding surrounded by soft, cute flower girls wearing little wreaths, decorative baskets, flowers, petals spreading out on the red carpet. Beautiful bride wearing white gown walked slowly towards the groom. Romantic scene attracts every bride, how to choose adorable flower girl, we need new people who also carefully considered.
Flower girls: children look beautiful or not is not important, kids are cute and innocent. Because the flower children to express themselves in front of all the guests, so take the child's personality is very important. Little flower girls is best used on the wedding good, sensible, lively, and even the good performance of their children.
Flower of the Tong Huatong, ring boy age: 4~6sui, small children may not yet understand the task entrusted to him, and also error-prone, too much height is too high or too small baby flower girls cute personality.
Spent child of task: they can head Shang wearing with small Garland, took with flowers decorative of basket, and small of bouquet, or most common of, is took with a basket petals, and in bride admission zhiqian put they dispersal in carpet Shang; such will sleep atmosphere is good, than bride alone entry to more has feel, you only need a ring child, if you must to has two small boy words, can let they a people took a ring pillow, above the put a ring.
How to avoid accidents: part of the ceremony the most appealing baby was out of colorful bubble gun bubble gun machines, many babies will run onto the stage to chase and catch a bubble gun, cut the cake there is link, also attract their attention. MOM and Dad let the guests watch them, don't let them run onto the stage during the ceremony.
Red envelope: because of different local customs, so give a red envelope is also different. But the experience found, now little boys and little girls are very interested in nice clothes, so they will wear for the wedding dress or Superman clothing for them often have very good results.
Flower girl dresses: many wedding dress stores now have small flower girls dress rental, girls are little white Tutu, small boys small suits, tuxedos, dress up is fun cause for attention, and added a smart for your wedding colors. But if it is a formal evening wedding ring boy should be tails, small Tuxedo during the day (the bridegroom is the same).
Etiquette of children patience will not last long because of the age, so we recommend that you do not let the baby have been alone on the stage, after the admission of the best side of the child's mother on the stage next to children. In General, kids are walking a red carpet channel head, pace, speed, do not wander or crying is OK.
Find flower girl just has to look cute in the past, is sprinkled flowers at the wedding, sending a ring. Some full-flower girl, except flower ring, also at the beginning of the wedding show programs, which also makes the flower girls single function becomes enriched. BACK PAGE