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Bridal wedding accessories perfect manual

Wedding jewelry and bridal gowns, brides wear on hair are equally important. Wear appropriate jewelry will add charm to the bride, bride's image more perfect. So spend some time and effort on jewelry is quite necessary. Here are suggestions to select jewelry, you may wish to refer to the reference of the soon to be bride.
Round face shapes with any long style of earring echoing, makes the face beautiful. Round face people should not wear round earrings, that will make the face appear fuller. People with long face can be worn round earring or earrings to adjust the face image to make the face plump and moving. Faces of people suitable to wear small studs or long earrings.
Earring colors should coordinate with the color of your clothes, same color blending can produce a harmonious aesthetic. Contrast color if appropriate, you can make the person look lovely. Earring colors also work with colour foil each other, darker clothes people should not wear earrings too bright, you can choose silver pearl earrings. Skin white compare wide range of ladies to choose from, if you wear earrings red and dark colors you can bring colour brilliance.
Neck long, beautiful bride wearing collars of Medallion or a more lenient, even showing sexy neck neck short bride best not to wear a medallion, so as not to attract unnecessary attention of others, the open collar but the wedding is low, you can choose to wear the more slender necklace with a pendant.
The traditional wedding dress with the corset skirt usually has large open collar should be worn across the chest beautifully ornate necklaces. For one long stretch tight wedding dress does not fit too exaggerated large jewelry, wear sophisticated necklace can better reflect the elegance of the bride. If the dress itself when studded with decorative beads, lace, it would be best not to wear necklaces, even the wear had small, so as not to give the feeling of clutter vulgar.
If the wedding dress is short sleeves, also wear suitable bracelet. A high quality Emerald bracelets, inadvertently revealed when Jing tea, toast, creamy skin lined with clear blue bracelet wrist, gentle will make the bride look even more beautiful. When wearing long sleeves dress cover the wrist, you can wear bracelets. Most taboo is right outside the glove to wear a pair of bracelets.
If you want to wear a watch, be sure to choose small and exquisite, it's best to wear. Inappropriate watches only a useless burden, especially when you look at the table and found that it was five minutes slower when, it is embarrassing. Also, please your bridesmaids in line with you, don't wear watches. As for cell phones, audible pagers and the like could be in the wedding, also without as well.
If you don't want to spend too much on jewelry, except for wedding rings you can choose a number of elegant imitation jewelry. On that occasion, Bridal jewelry is true is that no one be truer. As long as you recognize talent will pick up an elegant heart ornaments. Hundreds of sets of earrings, neck ornaments and brooches, also adds a lot of charm for you.
If your home has one or two pieces of heirloom jewelry even if it is old, but because of its special significance, also will give you unexpected results, add a mysterious color for the wedding. In addition, you can borrow jewelry or choose flowers, jewelry, as long as the beautiful bride, wedding happy atmosphere, these are harmless. BACK PAGE